Image00021Spay & Neuter With the Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka

The Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka Is Your Source For Cat Spay & Dog Spay
If you are a proud new pet owner have you considered the importance of cat neuter or dog neuter options? To spay or neuter your pet may be one of the single most important health decisions you make for them. Some pet owners think, “but I own an indoor pet, no need to neuter or spay.” The process is even important for your pets as well. Many pets accidentally get out of the house- choosing to neuter or spay can prevent unwanted pet pregnancy in the event they do get outdoors for an extended period of time. Our experienced team will be sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed during their stay with us when they visit for this simple procedure.

Advantages of Spay And Neuter For Pets
Our caring team of pet lovers cannot stress the importance of cat spay, dog spay, dog neuter and cat neuter enough. By doing so you help reduce the amount of unwanted pets that will potentially be killed in the wild or euthanize. The simple procedure may also help calm rambunctious behavior or misbehaving in pets. Having your pet undergo the altering process may reduce their urge to roam and therefore stay safer at home with you. The Humane Society has also noted in studies that the lifespan of altered pets is longer than those who have not undergone the procedure.

Another advantage of the altering process is reducing your pet’s propensity for developing certain cancers. You will eliminate a male pet’s risk for developing testicular cancer 100 percent when choosing to alter. A male pet’s risk for prostate cancer may also be reduced. For female cats and dogs, the altering process is just as important in reducing their risk for certain cancers such as uterine cancer and other potentially fatal reproductive cancers. You also reduce a female pet’s risk for developing a condition called pyrometra. This condition can cause a fatal uterine infection.

Choosing to spay or neuter your pet is not only a healthy, responsible decision for your pet, but a way to cut future health costs as well. By reducing your pet’s risk for developing certain cancers and infections and reducing their urge to roam (and therefore avoid scuffles with wild animals), you will save tremendously on potential veterinary bills in the future.

We suggest bringing your new puppy or kitten in right away to start their regular wellness visits. Our experienced veterinarian will generally recommend that you choose to spay or neuter your puppy or kitten between 6-7 months old. In most cases we will perform the procedure during the day and suggest you take your pet home to heal in a comfortable spot.

Please feel welcome to call our staff with any spay or neuter questions you may have. We look forward to helping your new pet at a visit soon.