Here at the Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka, we are proud to offer laparoscopic spays.

We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest offerings in veterinary medicine. We believe our patients and their owners deserve the very best care that they can get. By offering laparoscopic spays, we are giving our patients the highest quality medicine. Laparoscopic procedures are less invasive, less painful for the pets, and they have a quicker recovery rate.

Laparoscopic spays use a small incision to insert a camera into the abdomen. Another small incision may be necessary for the veterinarian to work. Instead of having your pet opened a few inches, a pencil size incision is made for a laparoscopic spay. Patients do not seem to have as much pain as typical spays, though we often send them home with pain medicine, just in case. Recovery is also much quicker. Pets just need to rest for a few days (if possible) and they should be back to normal.

Many owners struggle with the cost of the procedure. Though it is significantly more (due to the cost of the instruments), the less invasive procedure with less pain and quicker recovery time is well worth it for many owners.

If you are interested in our laparoscopic spays, feel free to contact us today at (785) 267-6060.