Pet Grooming: Dog and Cat Grooming for Better Health
Most of us recognize the aesthetic appeal in regular dog or cat grooming, but have you considered the very real health and wellness it also provides? Periodic pet grooming by Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka’s experienced groomer, Ashley, can help keep your animal’s skin, eyes, nails and other essential parts healthy and free from irritation.

Bathing and brushing alone can do a world of good for your pet. Pet hair tends to tangle up into dense mats over time, and these mats can pull painfully at the skin, especially while you’re trying to comb your pet’s coat. Our skilled groomer knows how to brush and comb an animal’s hair gently and carefully to disentangle mats. If the mats are simply too dense to untangle without hurting your pet, we may recommend a stylish haircut as a smart means of eliminating them. Additionally, we may pluck excess hairs out of your pet’s ear to promote good hygiene in this sensitive area.

Brushing also helps get rid of unwanted or loose hair. Some animals don’t shed much by nature, while others shed a great deal. We now offer a special low shed conditioner made by Furminator, which helps to control shedding, as part of our cat and dog grooming packages. Gentle medicated shampoos remove oils from skin and hair; these oils attract bacteria, which in turn can cause dermatitis and skin infections. The bathing and brushing process also allows us to examine the skin for any conditions that might call for veterinary treatment.

Proper pet grooming also includes anal gland expression, nail trimming and tooth brushing. Dogs and cats have anal glands for territorial spraying purposes, and the ducts of these glands can sometimes get blocked. Blockages cause pain, itching, and possibly serious abscesses. We can express these glands to relieve built-up fluid and prevent such complications. Trimming a domesticated pet’s nails is another important wellness practice. These nails can grow overly long and sharp, causing them to get snagged on surfaces and rip away from the cuticle. This causes great pain for your pet while making his toes prone to infection. We can file your pet’s nails safely and carefully without injuring his feet –a task many owners find challenging. Tooth brushing is no replacement for a thorough cleaning under anesthesia, but the high-quality enzymatic toothpaste we use can remove plaque and tartar that might otherwise hasten gum disease. It also makes your pet’s breath smell great!

Select from Our Cat or Dog Grooming Packages
We offer three different grooming packages here at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka. The Bath and Brush includes bathing, brushing, anal gland expression, and ear plucking/cleaning. The Full Service Groom adds a feather trim to this list, and the Premier Pet Groom includes a full haircut. Contact us to schedule the grooming package of your choice today. Your pet will love you for it!