The Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka now offers full service pet boarding for all your four-legged family members. We will take care of your pet like it is our pet while you enjoy weekend getaway, holidays away from home and vacations.

Safe, Affordable, Pet Boarding
Are you going away for the weekend or for an extended vacation? We offer pet boarding for dogs and cats so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation without worrying about the health, wellness and happiness of your pet or if they are getting into mischief.

As you are probably well aware, when you are not home, your pets get bored and start getting into trouble, and hiring a pet sitter or someone to come into your home during the morning and evening to care for your pets can leave your house and belongings vulnerable to theft and misuse. It may also open you up for liability issues if the individual caring for your pet gets injured on your property. Take the stress out of going on vacation by utilizing our pet boarding services so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your four-legged baby or your home.

We provide food, bedding, toys and exercise so that your dog or cat remains active and happy, during his or her stay with us. Each dog receives a certain amount of playtime and potty breaks during the day and socialization with humans, and when you return from your vacation or weekend getaway, you will receive a full update of all your pet’s activities and how he or she faired during their stay.

We also take special requests. During your pet’s check-in, just let us know if your pet needs any extra care or handling. If your pet needs additional services, including baths, haircuts, flea dips or vaccinations, please let us know. We would be happy to accommodate any extra services.

For the safety of your pet, dogs and cats are housed separately and do not come in contact with each other.

A Loving, Caring Environment
We love animals, and our professional staff will care for your pet as if it were our own. Each day your pet will be exercised and entertained and showered with affection to reduce anxiety and keep them fit, active and happy.

If you have any special toys, blankets, bedding, treats or food for your pet, feel free to bring it with you. Items from home and your pet’s favorite food and treats will help ease your pet’s mind, reduce separation anxiety and help them acclimate to their new environment while you are away.

For more information on our dog and cat pet boarding services and our short and long term rates, please call us at 785-267-6060. We will take care of all your pet’s needs so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation.