Dr. Joseph Kamer

Dr. Kamer is a 1989 Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate. He started practice with a one year internship in Las Vegas, Nevada before returning to his native town of Topeka. He was an associate of Burlingame Road Animal Hospital for three years before opening Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital of Topeka in spring of 1994. His special interests include complex and routine surgical cases. Some of his current focus is on orthopedic fracture repair, total hip replacements, ACL repair, critical care and emergency procedures for the critical patient. His latest endeavors are in minimally invasive surgical techniques using laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, and arthroscopy. Dr. Kamer also partners with the Topeka Zoo and in 2010 Dr. Kamer lead the team for Hope the giraffe and her hyperextended fetlocks. He created casts unique to Hope’s deformity to readjust her hooves over time which allowed Hope to go on to live a full life at the Topeka Zoo where she still resides. When Dr. Kamer is not busy saving animals of all species he enjoys going hiking in Colorado with his kids Josh, Luke, and Maddie.

Dr. Joshua Hahn

Dr. Joshua Hahn is a Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate who joined VMSH in August 2012. Dr. Hahn has been in Veterinary Medicine for 17 years in 2019. After becoming a Registered Vet Technician, he moved with his wife and son to Manhattan to pursue a Bachelor in Animal Science. Prior to starting Veterinary Medicine School, he worked as a Registered Technician in private practice and then at Kansas State University Veterinary Medicine Oncology Department. Dr. Hahn’s special interest include dentistry, educating clients on the importance of routine quality care and nutrition, preventative medicine and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. During Dr. Hahn’s time off he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children. He currently has 6 cats, 2 dogs, 25 chickens, 25 ducks, 2 horses and 5 Nigerian dwarf goats which takes most of his spare time.

Dr. Amber Smith

Dr. Smith was born and raised in Shawnee, KS. She developed a love for animals and science at a young age. She began working at Quivira Road Animal Clinic in high school and knew then that she wanted to be a veterinarian. Dr. Smith was accepted to the Pre-Admittance Program at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine during her senior year of high school. She attended Kansas State University for undergraduate work and graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2017. During her studies and participation on the KSU Flea Team, Dr. Smith developed a special interest in dermatology. Dr. Smith spends her free time enjoying outdoor activities with her husband. She currently has three cats, Milo, Molly and Cheeto, and two dogs Plott Hound/Lab mix, Moose and a yellow lab, Winchester.

Amber- Receptionist

Amber has been a dedicated part of the VMSH team for 8 years. Amber has seen it all despite her queasy stomach is always ready to jump in head first to aide any animal in need. Amber has two dogs (Oliver and Opal), 2 cats (Jorah and Amelia), 2 ferrets (River and Otter), and 3 kids. In her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts, playing video games with her kids, taking her dogs out to play fetch or cuddling on the couch watching movies with her family.

Heather- Office Manager

Heather previously worked at VMSH for 4 years but returned after working in human medicine when she realized her love for veterinary technology. She graduated from Washburn University with certification in surgical technologies and went on to work at Stormont Vail for 2 years as a Certified Surgical Technologist. Working in veterinary and human medicine has given her a great understanding of the ins and outs of surgical procedures and is very thankful for the time she spent in human medicine. Heather is currently pursuing her Veterinary Technician degree. Heather enjoys spending time with her beautiful babies Austyn and Kyler. She loves to travel and do outdoor activities, such as camping, with her family and husband Jeff.

Sydney- Registered Veterinary Nurse

Sydney was born and raised in Topeka and has only ever worked in animal care positions. Most recently, she’s graduated with her Veterinary Nursing Degree from Colby Community College and is our newest and only currently Registered Nurse. In her free time, Sydney enjoys lounging with her cat Applesauce, who was a surrender to our hospital in 2020.

Katelyn- Office Manager

Katelyn was born and raised in Oklahoma, where she grew up living with her dad and three sisters. Growing up on a farm, she has taken care of animals since she was little and has always had a love for them. She moved to Kansas with her boyfriend in 2019 and worked her way up from receptionist to Office Manager. Her love of animals pushed her to work in an environment where she can be around fur babies 24/7. In Katelyn’s free time she loves spending time with her family and going on new adventures.

Emily- Veterinary Assistant

Emily has recently worked her way up from kennel technician to vet assistant. She previously volunteered at The Topeka Zoo educating guests about some of the animals that call The Topeka Zoo home. Emily loves to spend time with each individual animal under her care giving them special attention. When Emily isn’t caring for our clients animals she can be found walking nature trails or at home taking naps with her pet cat, Bubba, or lounging around watching movies with her pet Snake, JD and her dogs Bug and Kuromi.

Nicole- Groomer

Nicole has a love for animals and a creative passion for making art. This is why she loves being a groomer! While ideally a beautiful haircut or bath & blowout is the goal, a pet’s comfort and happiness during the process is her priority. When she is not making our client’s look and feel their best, she is adventuring with her husband, Scout or at home cuddling with her own pets, Willow, Betty, June, and Remy.

Ariona- Receptionist

Ariona was born and raised in Topeka and has only strived to work in the animal care field. From Doggie daycares to other veterinary clinics she is very knowledgeable when it comes to furry friends of any size. When she has free time she loves to spend the day in with her bull mastiff/pitbull mix Chief. Ariona’s goal is gaining experience in the veterinary field to pursue a longtime career one day.

Olivia-Kennel Technician

Olivia was born in Kansas City, MO and has been raised in Topeka her whole life. Olivia has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is high functioning. She loves to make people laugh and is always willing to help others. She has completed a veterinary assistant program and in her free time loves to read and hang out with her dog Frankie. Olivia enjoys riding horses, and hopes to move to Oklahoma to be closer to her family and help her uncle with his cattle farm.

Ellie- Veterinary Assistant

After Ellie’s time in the U.S. Army she decided to expand her love for animals and join the veterinary community. Ellie is currently attending school to become a registered veterinary nurse. If Ellie is not at our hospital, you’ll most likely find her on a hike with her German Shepherd, Amaya.