Image00063At VMSH routine care and preventive medicine is highly important. There are many factors in increasing the health and longevity of your canine’s life.

Routine Canine Vaccinations:

  • Rabies Vaccination – Given yearly, protects against the Rabies Virus. Rabies is transmitted via saliva, and is a deadly virus. All animals must be vaccinated by law because this virus can transmitted to other animals including humans.
  • Distemper/Parvo/Corona Vaccination – A combination vaccination that is given yearly to protect dogs from common life threatening viruses that can be easily transmitted from other dogs.
  • Leptospirosis Vaccination – A contagious bacterium that is transmitted by the urine of infected animals. Once contracted it hinders the liver and kidneys and can cause long term health effects, greatly effect quality of life and even death. This disease is transmitted to other animals including humans and is spread by naturally occurring wildlife in our area
  • Bordetella Vaccine – A highly contagious upper respiratory bacterium that is transmitted by aerosol, nose to nose contact, and transmission on inanimate objects such as clothing

Routine Canine Testing:

  • Heatrworm Testing – Heartworms are spread by misquotes. Infected mosquitoes spread deadly worms that live in the dog’s heart. Yearly tested in highly recommended.
  • Fecal Parasite Test – Recommended every 6 months to test for intestinal parasites commonly found in puppies and dogs.
  • Chemistry/CBC Blood Profile – Chemistry profiles test for organ function and allow us to get a in depth look into your dog’s health and body function that can not be seen with just a physical exam.
  • CBC, Complete Blood Count, allows is to see how the body’s blood cells are functioning, and can also indicate infections. Regular testing is highly important, we recommend annual screening for adult dogs (1-7 year old), and bi-annual screening for senior dogs (7+ years old).

Monthly Heartworm Prevention:

Heartworms and intestinal parasites can infect your dog with out even knowing. A monthly heartworm prevention is very important medicine to give your pet protect against heartworms and intestinal parasites.

Routine Dental Cleaning:

Our doctors recommend yearly dental cleanings for all dogs. Oral care is very important. Most people are unable to brush their dogs teeth which leads to dental infection, gingivitis, plaque and tarter. Plaque and tarter build up on the teeth is a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infections to be spread through out the body and vital organs. Here are some tips to help care for your dog’s teeth:

Annual Dental Cleaning:

  • Hill’s Prescription T/D – innovative diet developed with a honey combo structure to help clean teeth with every bite
  • CET Dental Chews –
  • a fun, tasty, chewy treat your dog will love. These treats are specially made with enzymes to eliminate bacteria in the mouth, and prevent tarter build up.

  • Daily Brushing – using only specialized animal toothpaste. Human toothpaste is not recommended for animals and can be toxic.