AAHA-logoAt the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Hospital come in to “experience the AHAA Difference”.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is an international organization founded in 1933, which is used as a benchmark for companion animal veterinary care. High standards of quality care are set and enforced in accredited hospitals on a voluntary basis.

What does that mean to me?
Choosing an AAHA accredited veterinary practice for your pet’s medical care assures you that t he practice you have selected has the facilities, equipment, staff, and medical protocols that AAHA believes are important for the delivery of high quality care. Further, voluntary commitment to the AAHA standards and the Accreditation Program demonstrates that the practice has chosen to have itself measured by an outside organization against the most rigorous standards in the industry.

What qualifies your practice as an AAHA member?
The standards developed and published by AAHA cover physical facilities, equipment, patient and staff safety, staff continuing education and training, medical record keeping, and medical protocols. Our hospital has undergone periodic reviews and on-site inspections routinely since 1999.

Are there a lot of AAHA accredited practices around?
Locally, in Topeka, there is only one other practice that can boast membership in AAHA. Nationally, approximately 15 percent of US practices can claim accreditation.

As you can see, the Doctors and staff here at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital are very proud of the right to display the AAHA Logo in our practice. We encourage you to take pride as well knowing that you have chosen the best veterinary hospital for your loved ones. With regular visits and preventative care, your family and ours can work together to help enhance and prolong the quality of life for your companion animal.

The following are only a FEW of the 400 individual AAHA standards Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital voluntarily chooses to meet.

Anesthesiology- Appropriate anesthetic procedures ensure the safest and most comfortable conditions for your pet during surgery.

Continuing Education- Our entire team regularly attends continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with the latest medical techniques and dietary advances.

Dentistry- Dental care is as important for pets as it is for you. We offer the dental services your pet needs to stay healthy.

Diagnostic Imaging- We perform x-rays on-site to view your pet’s problem.

Emergency Hospitals- Emergency Animal Clinic is available nights, weekends, and holidays when your regular veterinarian in closed.

Emergency Services- Whether on-site or through referral, we ensure immediate care is available when your pet is in need.

Examination Facilities- Separate spacious rooms with proper equipment allow our team to carefully examine every pet.

Housekeeping and Maintenance- We work hard to maintain safe, sanitary conditions throughout the hospital and boarding facilities.

Laboratory- On-site equipment assists ensures a diagnosis within 20 minutes of starting a laboratory procedure.

Medical Records- Accurate record keeping for every patient is essential and guides the future care of your pet.

Nursing Care- Our professional and highly trained team follows strict guidelines for the proper care and handling of your pet, from diagnosis to recuperation.

Pharmacy- Complete pharmaceutical facilities will provide medications quickly when your pet needs them.

Surgery- Surgeries must be performed in a separately ventilated, enclosed room with masks and gowns, just like a human hospital.